Michelle Fore Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Algebra 2


2014-2015 LMU Masters in Educational Leadership

2007 Summer ETSU Mathletes (sponsored by Eastman)

2001-2005 University of Virginia College at Wise (BA in Mathematics, minor in music, concentration in education)

2001-1997 Clintwood High School 


2010-present at Volunteer High School (Algebra 2, Algebra 1, & ACT Prep)

2007-2010 at Pennington Middle School (Algebra 1 & Math 8)

2006-2007 at Gate City High School (Algebra 2 & Trig)

2005-2006 at Wise County Christian School (Math 8 - Pre-Calculus)



My husband, Chad, and I have been married since 2008. We have two rambunctious little girls: Elizabeth Rebekah, born March 22, 2013, and Lindsey Abigail, born December 30, 2014.  We also have a spastic little dog, Bear, who I swear is a black lab (looks) and jack russell (size and temperment) combination.

I love math and have since probably high school.  Since college, I have loved explaining math & helping others to realize it's not as hard as they had convienced themselves it was. My favoite thing in class is when a group of students can basically teach the rest of the class as a result of their understnading and confidence in that topic! 

In addition to math, I have other interests as well: reading (mainly fiction: hunger games, hobbit, etc), music, watching sports (football, basketball, etc) and scrapbooking (mainly for my babies) to name a few. Oh, as most will learn, I do enjoy my coffee, especially if it's Starbucks :)