Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair

Cluster:  Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics



Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair courses prepare students for entry into the automotive service industry as an ASE Certified MLR Technician or other maintenance occupation dealing with automotive technologies. Students study and service automotive HVAC systems, engine performance systems, automatic and manual transmission/transaxle systems, and practice workplace soft skills. Upon completion of this program of study, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a successful automotive service technician, have satisfied course requirements to meet the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) standards, and be prepared to pursue further study at a technology center or other post-secondary institution.

Students have the opportunity in Skills USA, to compete at regional, state and national levels in Automotive Service Technology to earn scholarships. With this program, students have the chance to get a head start in continuing their education at many post secondary institutions.

Course Fees: $10 per course
Student Organization: Skills USA


Level 1: Maintenance and Light Repair I

Level 2: Maintenance and Light Repair II

Level 3: Maintenance and Light Repair III

Level 4: Maintenance and Light Repair IV

(Dual enrollment opportunities in Auto Service Technology/ MLR  are available through Northeast State Community College in Blountville.


Post Secondary Opportunities  

Certificate Programs:
Automotive Technology-  Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Elizabethton, Morristown)

Diesel Powered Equipment Technology- Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Elizabethton)
    Automotive Service - Northeast State, Blountville, TN

Associates Degree:
    Industrial Technology - Concentration: Automotive Service  Northeast State, Blountville, TN