Residential & Commercial Construction

Cluster: Architecture & Construction


This program prepares students with the knowledge and skills related to residential and commercial carpentry. Course content covers wood, metal, and concrete building materials, fasteners, hand and power tools, fabrication based on construction plans, framing of platform and post-and-beam structures, stairs, installation and trim of windows and doors, installation and repair of gypsum wallboard, advanced site layout, exterior finish work, thermal and moisture protection, and introduction to welding. Students also have the opportunity to participate and compete in Skills USA Carpentry.


Course Fees: $10 per course

Student Organization: Skills USA


Course Sequence:

Level 1: Fundamentals of Construction - (1 credit) (NCCER cert)

Level 2: Residential & Commercial Construction I - (1 credit)

Level 3: Residential & Commercial Construction II - (1 or 2 credits)

Level 4: Construction Practicum- (1 or 2 Credits)


Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit/Certification opportunities:

NCCER Certificate (National Center for Construction Education and Research)


Post secondary Opportunities:


Building Construction Technology - Tennessee College of Applied Technology


Undergraduate Degrees:

Construction Technology, Associates of Applied Technology, ITT Technical Institute

Construction Management, Bachelors of Science, ITT Technical Institute

Construction Engineering Technology , Bachelors of Science, East Tennessee State University

Construction Science Program, Bachelors of Science, University of Tennessee (Knoxville)