Cluster:   Advanced Manufacturing



The welding class is a two year program designed to teach students the basic processes of safely repairing and fabricating projects from verbal instructions and drawings. They learn to use equipment for cutting various metals with power tools, oxy-fuel, and plasma arc cutting. Students also learn to use equipment for welding various types of metals with SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW. Students also work on projects as simple as repairing desk to complex projects such as a small utility trailer. They have the opportunity in Skills USA, to compete at state and national level in welding to earn scholarships. With this program, students have the chance to get a head start in continuing their education at many post secondary institutions.



Course Fees: $10 per course

Student Organization: Skills USA



Level 1- Principals of Manufacturing (1 credit)

Level 2- Welding 1 (1 credit)

Level 3- Welding 2 (1-3 credits)

Level 4- Advanced Manufacturing Practicum *

*Dual enrollment opportunities in welding are available through TCAT in Phipps Bend and may substitute for "Advanced Manufacturing Practicum"


Post Secondary Opportunities:


Certificate Programs:

Welding- Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Phipps Bend)

Combination Welding- Northeast State, Blountville, TN


Associates Degree:

Industrial Technology- Concentration: Welding/Metal Fabrication,  Northeast State, Blountville, TN


Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees:

Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville