Business Management

Cluster: Business Management & Administration

Business courses prepare students for real world applications into the business world within the 21st century.  Students will learn various types of business strategies, as well as the practical knowledge of creating or managing a business.  Students will also learn how to create a business model to be successful in whichever field they so choose.  The classes that will be offered are below, with a link to their respective class sites from the state.

Course Fees: $10 per course

Student Organization: Future Business Leaders of America & Virtual Enterprise International

Course Sequence:

Level 1: Introduction to Business & Marketing (1 Credit)

Level 2: Business Communications (1 Credit)

Level 3: Business Management (1 Credit)

Level 4: Business & Entrepreneurship (1 Credit) and/or Virtual Enterprise International (1 Credit)

Post-Secondary Opportunities:

Business, Associates Degree, Walters State Community College

College of Business , East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Business MBA, Carson-Newman University, Jefferson City, TN