Digital Arts & Design

Cluster:  Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications

The Digital Arts & Design class is a two year program designed to teach students the basic elements of design. They will learn to design Business Cards, Letterheads, Posters, Pocket Folders and they will be able to work on projects that customers want printed. Students will also work with sign making equipment and learn how to screen print on various substrates. They have the opportunity in Skills USA, to compete at state and national level in Digital Design to earn scholarships. With this program, students have the chance to get a head start in continuing their education at many post secondary institutions.


Course Fees: $10 per course

Student Organization: Skills USA


Level 1: Digital Arts & Design I - (1 credit)

Level 2: Digital Arts & Design II - (1 credit)

Level 3: Digital Arts & Design III - (1-2 credits)

Post Secondary Opportunities:


Certificate Programs:

Graphic Communications - Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Morristown)


Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees:

Mass Communications, Advertising/Public Relations & Digital Media B.S. East Tennessee State University

Advertising/Public Relations - University of Tennessee- Knoxville