Engineering by Design

Cluster:   Science, Technology, Engineering & Math



The STEM program is a four-year program of study designed to give the student exposure to many different technological and engineering subjects including transportation, manufacturing, aerospace and energy technologies. The classes heavily emphasize the development of problem solving skills through hands-on project-based activities.  Students must be willing to work within a group to solve problems presented with limited time and resources. The students will also learn how to safely use various hand and power tools within the classroom setting.


STEM students will have the opportunity to participate in the Technology Student Association (TSA) where they can compete in regional and state competitions. TSA students have an opportunity to earn scholarships and other prizes that are available through these competitions. On occasion, TSA will take field trips to places like The University of Tennessee's Engineering Day where they will have another opportunity to complete projects for competition.


This program is a great introduction to basic skills and concepts that will be needed in the pursuit of an engineering/manufacturing design career.


Course Fees: $10 per course
Student Organization: Technology Student Association


Level 1: Foundations of Technology

Level 2: Technological Design

Level 3: Advanced Design Applications

Level 4: Engineering Design



Post-Secondary Opportunities:


Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Phipps Bend):

Drafting and CAD Technology

Industrial Maintenance

Computer Information Technology

Northeast State Technical And Community College:

Manufacturing Technology

Pre-Engineering- Industrial/Technical

Pre-Industrial Technology

Pre-Engineering- General

Pre-Engineering- Mechanical

Industrial Technology- Industrial Drafting Design

Industrial Technology- Manufacturing

Industrial Technology- Mechanical