Mission Statement  

The mission of Volunteer Comprehensive High School is to enable students to realize their potential in learning and to promote a positive self-concept and work ethic that fosters responsible global citizenship.

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The construction of Volunteer began in 1978.  The vocational wing opened in 1979 with students being able to take 1/2-day classes during the morning or afternoon that were not offered at their respective high school.  Building Trades being the first class offered at VHS with those students helping to build houses across the street from the vocational building. Those houses were later sold with the proceeds being funneled back into the school for future projects.  The school officially opened during the 1980-81 school year and combined the students from two schools:  Surgoinsville High School and Church Hill High School.   

Volunteer High School has since added a Freshman Academy wing, refurbished the auxiliary gym, installed a canopy connecting the CTE and Main Buildings, paved the road to the baseball field/softball field/tennis courts, installed lights enabling night games, refinished the gym concession stand, and upgraded the sprinkler system on the football/soccer field.

TSSAA sponsored sports for the Falcons include football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, track, baseball, softball, golf, and the recent additions of soccer and swimming.

School colors: Royal and Orange

Mascot: Falcon